Based upon the music West Side Tale, publication by Arthur Laurents, songs by Leonard Bernstein, verses by Stephen Sondheim, developed, guided and also choreographed by Jerome Robbins, generated by Robert E. Griffith and also Harold S. Royal prince, by plan with Roger L. Stevens (New York City, 26 Sep 1957).

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In the shanty towns of the top West Side of Manhattan, New York City, a gang of Polish-American teens called the Jets take on a competing gang of lately came in Puerto Ricans, the Sharks, to "have" the community roads. The stress in between them is noted by their intimidation as well as tormenting of each other, as well as when a collection of cases emerges right into a fistfight on a play ground, 2 cops, the bigoted Lt. Schrank and also Policeman Krupke, show up in time to damage it up. Later, Riff, the leader of the Jets, recommends to his friends that they resolve their distinctions with the Sharks finally by testing them to a "roll," which is their term for a road battle. Although Riff cautions that the Sharks might pick to eliminate with zip weapons or blades instead of clenched fists, the Jets are passionate concerning his suggestion. For assistance, Riff meets Tony, a previous participant of the Jets that resembles a bro as well as that currently operates in a sweet-shop possessed by gracious Doc. Riff asks Tony to participate in a dancing at the fitness center, a location thought about buffer zone where Riff can offer the obstacle to Bernardo, the Shark"s leader. Tony, that has actually disliked advertising physical violence, unwillingly accepts accompany him out of relationship. Riff recommends that it might be waiting for him at the dancing when Tony trusts that he has actually been having feelings that something unique is regarding to occur to him. At the same time, Bernardo"s more youthful sis Maria and also his lady pal, Anita, both of whom operate at a wedding store, are completing an outfit for Maria to use to the dancing, which will certainly be her initial because arriving to America a month previously. Although Bernardo has hopes of her weding his sidekick Chino, Maria informs Anita that she does not have unique sensations for her bro"s good friend. That night, at the health club where the dancing is held, Bernardo is presenting Maria to various other Puerto Ricans, when numerous participants of the Jets show up. Both gangs are positioned to combat, when Grateful Hand, the social employee, and also Krupke step in. The dance proceeds as well as quickly ends up being a competitors in between the competing gangs and also their ladies, that reject to come together. From contrary sides of the dancing flooring, Tony and also Maria place each various other as well as, entranced, approach each various other as well as start to dance. Seeing them with each other, Bernardo protectively draws Maria away, informing her that Tony is just curious about sex-related supports, as well as orders Chino to take her house. Prior to Bernardo leaves, he and also Riff consent to fulfill later on at Doc"s for a "battle council," where they will certainly identify the moment and also area of the grumble. At his household"s house, Bernardo talks Maria concerning the risks in America, however Anita half-jokingly reprimands him, claiming that in their brand-new nation, females are totally free to see whom they desire. Anita as well as Bernardo meet their good friends on the roof, where they take part in a dynamic conversation regarding the benefits and drawbacks of staying in America. Although the females tease the guys that life in America is much better than in their residence nation, the guys grumble that it is just far better if you are white. At the same time, Tony strolls the roads in a daze, allured by the idea of Maria. She remains in her space, getting ready for bed, when she listens to Tony calling out her name from the street listed below as well as climbs up with the home window to the emergency exit to be with him. Thinking that Maria is the gratification of his feeling, Tony aspires to recognize openly his love for her, however Maria knows that their households will certainly not authorize. After confessing their love for each and every various other as well as marveling at just how their lives have actually transformed in one night, they component, accepting fulfill the following day at the wedding store after shutting time. At Doc"s store, the Jets are uncomfortably waiting on the Sharks to show up, when the authorities increase. Although Krupke is dubious that the gang depends on mischievousness, he is called away and also the children then tease him, along with social employees, courts, psychoanalysts and also all those that have actually fallen short to relieve the hardship and also physical violence in which they have actually been raised. When the Sharks show up, both gangs choose the moment as well as area of the battle, however as they review tools, Tony, that has actually already gone back to assist shut the purchase the night, persuades them to have a "reasonable battle," making use of just hands. Schrank goes into, motivating both gangs to make believe to get on, and also needs to recognize what they are intending. When nobody will certainly speak to him, he bothers the Puerto Ricans, buying them out, and after that informs the Jets that he desires his beat free from the immigrants as long as they do. When the Jets still decline to rely on him, he tauntingly describes their member of the family as druggie and also woman of the streets. After everybody leaves the store, Doc shares his discouragement at Schrank"s habits, however Tony, that is buoyed by love, thinks that every little thing will certainly be okay. The following day, Maria"s associates observe her joy as well as she confesses that she really feels "quite." Anita is still at the store when Tony gets here, however reluctantly permits them time with each other. Although Tony has no strategies to go to the battle, Maria prompts him to go as well as quit it from occurring. Then, they happily claim to have a wedding celebration, with shop mannequins present. Later on, at night, the Jets and also the Sharks plan for the grumble, while Anita gets ready for a charming intermission with Bernardo when he returns. While assisting Doc, Tony can consider only Maria, that goes to house, waiting impatiently for completion of the night, when she as well as Tony can be with each other. At the designated location, the Sharks and also the Jets satisfy, and also the very best boxer from each gang, Bernardo and also Ice, specifically, prepare to combat as the others view. His initiatives to quit the battle accidentally rise the fight right into a blade battle in between Riff and also Bernardo when Tony gets here. When Bernardo suddenly eliminates Riff, Tony, in a fit of interest, takes the dead Riff"s blade and also stabs Bernardo. Although Tony is promptly gotten rid of with pity for eliminating Maria"s sibling, the various other gang participants sign up with the battle, yet all take off when they listen to the audio of a cops alarm. Waiting on the roof for Tony, Maria is shocked when Chino shows up to inform her that Tony eliminated Bernardo. Hoping that he is existing, Maria goes to her space as well as discovers Tony, that admits. Although she wishes to dislike him, she discovers she can not and also claims that the issue is not with either of them, however every little thing around them. With each other, they imagine a location where they can go that is without bias. Outdoors, the authorities cruise ship the roads, yet the gang participants avert them. The Jets satisfy, shocked, due to the fact that they never ever anticipated anybody would certainly be eliminated. When their anxiousness brings about inner strife, Ice, that is currently their leader, informs them to be "great." When they pick up from an eavesdropping gamine, Anybodys, that Chino is bring a weapon and also set on retribution versus Tony, they arrange to safeguard him. Anita, that uncovers that Maria has actually been with Tony, is annoyed that she would certainly continue to be loyal to a young boy that would certainly eliminate her bro, however is quickly swayed by Maria"s like for Tony and also advises her regarding Chino"s goal. Although Maria as well as Tony had actually prepared to one night stand at Doc"s as well as default with each other, when Schrank apprehends Maria to doubt her regarding Bernardo"s fatality, Anita accepts inform Tony that she will certainly quickly be with him. Nonetheless, when Anita gets in the sweet-shop, the Jets, questionable of her intentions, avoid her from locating Tony, then effort to rape her. Doc goes into in time to quit them, yet, in rage, Anita claims that Chino, envious of Maria"s like for Tony, fired her dead. When Doc notifies Tony, that is concealing in the storage, of Maria"s assumed fatality, Tony heads out to the road, screaming for Chino to eliminate him, as well. When he gets to the play area, Tony sees Maria, to life, as well as runs towards her, yet Chino gets out of the darkness and also fires him. Tony falls under Maria"s arms and also as he passes away, he as well as Maria speak about the area of which they had actually fantasized. Participants of both gangs are collecting, and also as they border towards each various other menacingly, Maria actions in between them and also takes the weapon from Chino.

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Endangering both gangs with the weapon, she charges every one of them of eliminating Tony, Riff as well as Bernardo. When Schrank and also Krupke get here, Maria kisses Tony and also after she claims "Te adoro, Anton," participants of both gangs, joined a minimum of for some time, assistance to lug Tony"s body away.