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A: Since I obtained it like that, uh huhBecause I obtained it like that, wooh, uh huhBecause I obtained it like thatG: Like how?A: Like thatDancin' & #x 27; on the dancing floorGirl, it'& #x 27; s you that I adoreStep on phase, you howl for moreAfrika obtained rhymes galoreSnap my fingers, make you mineIf not, I'& #x 27; ll break a 2nd timeAfter that, I guaranteeYou will be standing beside meLeft or appropriate side, take your pickBut woman, you'& #x 27; ve reached make it quickBaby, child, babyI recognize I drive you crazyMC'& #x 27; s understand me as Mike GGirls hang on to me tightlyWarm personalityThat'& #x 27; s why they obtain near meTry their ideal to drive me wildSay they intend to birth my childI vanish, they state, "Return"Why? Due to the fact that I obtained it like that
A: Yeah, uh huhG: Due to the fact that I obtained it like thatA: Yeah, uh huhG: Due to the fact that I obtained it like thatA: A ha ha, uh huhG: Due to the fact that I obtained it like thatA: Like how?G: Like thatNot a problem, (why?) since I obtained it like thatA Infant Bam defeat and also an African rapMy companion by my side, Sammy B gets on the cutYour DJs cool and also cool, yet hey, so what?Nuggets in my pocket, white wine in my handI obtained it like that, yet you still wear'& #x 27; t understandIt concerns me all-natural, it concerns me easyI simply lay back as well as allow the large beat lead meI never ever function a day in my lifeSingle forest sibling, no children, no wife100,000 rhymes from one band, that'& #x 27; s manyBut back where I originate from, they ain'& #x 27; t worth a pennyYou & #x 27; ve obtained a great deal of skill, however you fall short to seeYou spent for your own, I obtained mine absolutely free
Play in the rainfall as well as put on'& #x 27; t obtain wetWalk with the desert and also wear'& #x 27; t also sweatPlay in the snow and also put on'& #x 27; t obtain coldI & #x 27; m simply a trendy young bro that looks kinda oldRun worldwide schoolin' & #x 27; on the sideIf I dedicate a criminal offense as well as obtain captured i slideI'& #x 27; ve obtained women rich and also cash on the floorThere'& #x 27; s nothing on the planet that I'& #x 27; m askin & #x 27; for A: Wooh, uh huhG: Due to the fact that I obtained it like thatYou wan na understand why, brother?Because I obtained it like thatA: Uh huhG: I ain'& #x 27; t jokin & #x 27;, I #x & ain 27; t playin & #x 27;, it & #x 27; s simply my brotherI obtained it like thatA: A ha ha Utilized to be a gamer, couldn'& #x 27; t be trustedBut still in all, I never ever obtained bustedKnowin' & #x 27; every component of New york city CityI believed it was amusing, it utilized to look prettyI had everything expanded, also one following doorI had it like that, so what ya askin' & #x 27; for? 4 to 5, you see, was my minimumAnd on a daily basis, I made use of to obtain as well as go with '& #x 27; emOne for every single hr on the hourOne heading while I remained in the showerIt seems kinda insane, it appears kinda buggedBut you see, Afrika was the one they lovedSo you see, it reached a factor where they didn'& #x 27; t careThey didn & #x 27; t wan na provide me up, so they consented to share

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A: Since I obtained it like thatG: I hear you, bro, wordA: Due to the fact that I obtained it like thatG: Male, you'& #x 27; s one baaaaaad forest brotherA: Like thatLike thatA: Uh, wooh, Sammy B, B, you obtained it like thatI understand you obtained it like thatYo Mike G from the Forest Sibling, manNew Orleans obtained it like thatNew York City obtained it like thatLos Angeles obtained it like thatCleveland obtained it like thatLet me see, that else obtained it like that?G: DetroitA: Who?G: DetroitA: Guy, yeah, Atlanta obtained it like thatPhiladelphia obtained it like thatTexas obtained it like that, allow me seeSomebody else obtained it like thatG: D.CA: Yea, D.C., D.C. obtained it like thatBoston, Miami, I recognize you obtained it like that, MiamiG: WordA: Word up, yo, I'& #x 27; m outta right here, you understand why?Both: DUE TO THE FACT THAT I OBTAINED IT LIKE THAT