Alcohol and drugs not just modified these celebs' & #x 27; minds, it additionally had a huge effect on their look.

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When she recorded [the starlets was a photo of health and wellness [em> G.I.Jane in the late? s. Yet that appeared to transform after her split with other half Ashton Kutcher, when she surprised followers with her gaunt look and also records of an Adderall dependency according to Radar online.

Mischa Barton looked really various from The O.C. When she was captured in May 2011 looking cluttered, days. According to Individuals Publication, those closest to Mischa in 2009 explained her as "simply also messed up on alcohol and drugs."

Lindsay Lohan showed up in public in 2011 blinking apparently corroded teeth, which her daddy informed Jane Velez-Mitchell on her HLN program, was an outcome of her "smoking a pipeline with meth or split."

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