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* Please keep in mind: The age varies detailed are the personalities 'ages, not always the ages of the actors.Learn extra regarding tryouts right here

LEAD GROWNUP CHARACTERS:Maria Rainer (music theater mix/soprano, dancing, 20-35) A postulant at Nonnberg Abbey-- young, spontaneous, cozy, mild and also kind with much determination.Captain Georg von Trapp(

baritone, relocates well, 35-45)A retired Austrian marine captain. Refined, yet really army in the method he runs his life to quelch his unhappiness over the fatality of his other half; beneath, he is cozy, understanding, and also determined.Max Detweiller(

tenor/baritone, relocates well, 30+) Essential as well as captivating; a guy of refinement that delights in the great life; real as well as faithful good friend to the von Trapp family.Elsa Schrader(mezzotreble, relocates well, 35-45) A baroness of preference as well as sophistication, innovative, sensible as well as mature.Mother Abbess(

legitimate treble, vast singing variety, 40+, extremely solid starlet) Motherly, understanding, reliable as well as solid, however kind.FEATURED CHARACTERS: Sis Berthe(alto, relocates well)Girlfriend of Novices, prudish, straight tied with a fast tongue, she is much less forgiving than various other nuns.Sister Margaretta( mezzo, relocates well) Girlfriend of Postulants, extremely kind, understanding as well as concerned.Sister Sophia (treble, relocates well) Neither requiring neither essential, sticks to the rules.Franz (non-singing, 30+)The von Trapp butler, instead official yet not without spirit, he is actual German as well as faithful to the Fascist cause.Frau Schmidt(non-singing, 30+) The caretaker, calm, extremely little individuality; she does her work successfully yet without love.

Solid and also rather dominating.Herr Zeller(non-singing, 40+ )Stern and also unsmiling, a normal Nazi authorities whose main problem is to see that every person toes the line.Rolf Gruber(reduced tone, dancing, 17)Suitor to Liesl, telegramdistribution child, later on Nazi soldier. A really enjoyable boy, rather hostile yet in a mild way.LEAD kids'S DUTIES: All youngsters, besides their personality summary should have the ability to be traditional with their feelings and also "major. "Liesl von Trapp (mezzo, dancing, 16 )The earliest youngster, developing right into a girl with a rate of interest in young boys. She has a mother's side to her as well as cares extremely deeply for her more youthful siblings.Friedrich von Trapp(age 14)Difficult outside, significantly attempting to be"

the male "of the family.Louisa von Trapp (age 13) Defiant attitude.Kurt von Trapp(age 10, falsetto) Mild and also mischievous.Brigitta von Trapp( age 9)Smart, checks out a lot.Marta von Trapp(age 7)Really wonderful and also gentle.Gretl von Trapp(age 6)Has to have the adorable factor.CHORUS:5 -10 male carolers participants(16-60+years)-- Nazi soldiers, next-door neighbors, Salzburg people and also Georg's buddies (of marine history).5 -10 women carolers participants (16-60+years)-- Salzburg people

, brand-new postulant, religious women, postulants, participants as well as newbies

in the Celebration Performance.