Title: Charlie's Angels-- Fear on Ward One

Throwback Thursday takes us back to the story of 3 lovely previous policeman transformed private investigators benefiting a faceless employer called Charlie. Jill (Farrah Fawcett) and also Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) go covert as pupil registered nurses at a medical facility where numerous ladies have actually been assaulted by an unidentified opponent worn medical professional's scrubs. With Sabrina (Kate Jackson) covert as a press reporter talking to team and also Bosley (David Doyle) as an individual, the Angels can maintain tabs on their 3 leading suspects: a pill-popping specialist (Jack Bannon), an ornery client (Arc Johnson), as well as the ward's resident gigolo (Robert Lipton).

For those uninformed of exactly how large of a sex object Farrah Fawcett went to the moment, the episode will certainly leave you without any questions as one of the much more remarkable minutes includes her teasing throughout the health center snack bar to get the interest of among the suspects (she'll additionally squash the guy's vanity later on while trying to generate a reaction that would certainly recommend his shame as the potential rapist). In spite of what the first hints recommend, none of the suspects is liable (although one does end up being a target).

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Kelly and also Sabrina each remove among the opponents in the episode's tenser minutes where both ladies are separated by the armed wrongdoers. While the program giggles it off, Bosley's time as a person finishes with him having respectable premises for a negligence match offered the unneeded surgical treatment he's offered while the Angels' focus are in other places.

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