Is Christie Brinkley "yearning" after her ex-boyfriend John Mellencamp? That's what one tabloid heading states today, however it's not real. Chatter Police officer considered the insurance claim and also discovered it absolutely incorrect. According to OK!, the cover girl is "expecting a repetition" with Mellencamp, whom she dated for over a year. After they separated in <...>

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(Getty Pictures) Is Christie Brinkley "pining" after her ex-boyfriend John Mellencamp!.?.!? That's what one tabloid heading states today, yet it's not real. Chatter Police checked out the case as well as located it absolutely false.According to OK!,

the cover girl is"expecting a repetition "with Mellencamp, whom she dated for over a year. After they separated in 2016, Mellencamp dated his ex-spouse Meg Ryan for around 2 years, obtaining participated in 2018 as well as separating in 2019. An affirmed"expert "whose connection to the circumstance is uncertain insurance claims that Brinkley is "making her action "on the vocalist once again since he's freshly solitary:" Christie proceeded as well as connected to him. ""They had a lot enjoyable with each other,"the dubious resource

proceeds." She claimed it was the most effective partnership she had actually had in a long period of time. "The tabloid explain that she hasn't been passionately entailed with one more male because she as well as Mellencamp divided in 2016. The informant includes that Brinkley" states if she were ever before to obtain wed once again, it would certainly be to him. And also he's revealed some passion, so she's wishing they can select and also have a 2nd opportunity up where they ended."The tale is pure creativity on okay!'s component. Chatter Police officer connected to Brinkley's representative, that's certified to talk on the celebrity's part , unlike all of the mystical "experts" the papers utilizes for every one of its fake records. The version's agent verifies for us on the document that the record is incorrect. Brinkley is not attempting to come back along with Mellencamp, that she divided from 4 years back. As there has actually been definitely no proof linking Brinkley to her songs celebrity ex-spouse in the years given that, it's clear this is simply among the paper's normal efforts to arbitrarily link celebs together.Addtionally, in a meeting with United States Weekly in 2014, Brinkley mentioned that she did not believe she would certainly obtain wed once again."I do not actually see a factor for marital relationship,"she informed the publication."I constantly considered doing it to have youngsters. And also because I'm not having anymore children, why make complex points?" That declaration straight opposes OK! ‘ s assert that she wishes to wed Mellencamp. Plainly, the paper's" resource"has no concept what they're speaking about.The"ex lovers still crazy"dream is a certain fave‘for the publication. In simply the previous couple of months, Chatter Police exposed tales from the tabloid connecting celeb

ex lovers consisting of Bradley Cooper and also Renee Zellweger, along with Channing Tatum and also Jenna Dewan. Certainly, tabloid faves Brad Pitt as well as Jennifer Aniston were additionally consisted of many times. Carry on, OK!-- every one of these previous pairs have currently. Resources Fitzsimons, Maria."Christie Brinkley: I do not prepare to wed once more."United States Weekly, 22 Feb. 2019. Shuster, Andrew."Bradley Cooper, Renée Zellweger Privately Dating Once Again?"Chatter Police, 12 Feb. 2020. Shuster, Andrew."Channing Tatum Jealous Of Jenna Dewan?"Chatter Police, 17 Jan. 2020. Shuster, Andrew.

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"Jennifer Aniston Satisfies Brad Pitt's Children?"Chatter Police Officer, 15 Jan. 2020.