Southern West Virginia was improved coal mining as well as one does not need to look extremely difficult to discover an old coal mining town.But the coal communities of the New River Chasm are a bit various. They were remote and also tiny, engraved right into the side of the hill as well as mainly cutoff from each various other except by rail. The communities of the Canyon were deserted after the coal came to be also hard to mine due to the fact that living in this field was a hard existence.There were more than 15 mining communities situated in simply

the reduced 14 mile stretch of the New River Canyon National Park.Here's a take a look at 3 of these communities that you can check out to obtain a peek right into the mining of yesteryear.Thurmond

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The Recovered Thurmond Depot

Thurmond is without a doubt one of the most renowned of all the New River coal communities. From being the website of a globe document texas hold'em video game, to delivering even more products than cities like Cincinnati, to acting as the collection of significant movie, this community has one hell of a history.Thurmond was among

2 significant delivery factors in the New River Chasm as well as still has numerous standing structures as well as a couple of citizens. The Financial institution of Thurmond as well as the resort over it is simply o

ne of the structures that are still a component of this old coal town.The National forest Solution recovered the old Thurmond Depot a couple of years earlier as well as currently it works as a fantastic site visitor facility as well as gallery. The Depot is the focal point of this old mining community and also ideally in the future will certainly be just one of lots of recovered buildings.Thurmond is accessed from Glen Jean through Region Rt. 25 as well as is just around 15 mins from Oak

Hill.Nuttallburg Integrated in the 1880's by John Nuttall, Nuttallburg was made renowned when Henry Ford bought it as a way of

acquiring high quality coal

to power his expanding car industry.The Fordson Mine was just open up a couple of years prior to it was marketed once again because of problems in carrying coal from WV to Michigan.This community lies in

the heart of the whitewater area of the New River, in between the rapids Dudley's Dip and also Dual Z. Numerous countless individuals have actually drifted right by it and also never ever recognized it existed because of the lavish woodland concealing its tricks. When the fallen leaves are off you can still see the tipple as well as the tremendous coal conveyor, which at 1385 feet was just one of the lengthiest switch as well as rope conveyors ever before constructed at a coal mine.Kaymoor The Kaymoor mines were a few of the biggest and also most effective mines in the Canyon. The community was in fact divided, with several of it situated on the top of the Canyon and also a few of it down on the river.Kaymoor had no churches, financial institutions, drinkeries or a city center however did havetwo institutions (on top as well as base of the community

), a firm shop as well as a swimming pool hall.Upon expedition you can still see the old Kaymoor powder residence, the coke stoves and also residues of a number of the old frameworks. There are additionally 2 barricaded old mine websites that offer you simply a look of what returning right into a mine resembled in those days.The Kaymoor

coal mines will certainly be one of the most hard of the 3 to gain access to. You can either trek below the top, accessed at Garten using Area Rt. 9/2, or trek in 2 miles from Fayette Terminal Rd( Co.

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Rt. 82)at the trailhead.What various other coal communities do you advise going to?