Truth tale behind Lee Brice "s 2013 nation hit is so effective that it" s hard for its songwriters to go over without obtaining choked up. When she listened to a meeting with a dad whose kid had actually passed away while offering in Afghanistan, Connie Harrington was paying attention to NPR. She shared the tale with songwriters Jessi Alexander and also Jimmy Yeary, and also the track they composed ultimately made it to the top of the nation graphes-- and also back to the papa, whose name Harrington hadn"t initially captured on the radio. She and also Alexander spoke about the tune with Bart Herbison, executive supervisor of Nashville Songwriters Organization International.You (listened to)a meeting

, Connie, that was really effective, which" s just how this tune started.CH: It was a radio meeting on NPR.

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I remained in the vehicle. This was Memorial Day as well as a gent called Paul Monti began the air, and also they were interviewing him concerning shedding his child in Afghanistan, and also he was attempting to request to obtain the right to place flags on their tombs. In the burial ground where he was put to rest, they didn"t desire (flags) around him. They were asking him concerns concerning that, as well as asking him exactly how he handled the loss of his kid, and also he claimed that he drove his vehicle, as well as started to explain it. ... I made a note of post-it notes in the automobile, crying, simply listening to the information of his vehicle. I obtained with Jessi the following week and also began the track.


Jessi, what do you bear in mind next?JA: I simply keep in mind

being expecting with doubles, and also not also actually wishing to most likely to function. Yet I saw Connie on my (timetable )as well as would certainly never ever miss out on a day with her. She constantly has fantastic titles. Connie is recognized for having many excellent suggestions. She began to sort of go via various ones, however they weren" t truly striking my fancy. I was a little unclear from the maternity. Then she stated, "Well, I do have this set, "and also she quickly began to sob. I stated,"Well, allow me listen to that! "... She actually couldn" t. She stated, "Later on." In my mind, I"m reasoning, "That"s the one we"re mosting likely to create today."

I intend to match the 3 of you due to the fact that the moment for battle tracks has actually type of passed. I might have seen all 3 of you chatting yourselves out of creating that track that day.JA: As well as

vehicle tracks, which during that time were the peak to our layout. When she lastly happened to claiming the title, quickly, I understood I had a large duty. ... I didn"t intend to mess it up. I understood for sure, with whatever in me, that I was not entirely suggested to compose this tune. There was a missing out on item for us in the space, as well as for me, that was a male voice. Being women songwriters, we actually battle creating tunes for males without that.CH: Maybe expensive, or the wording (wouldn"t job).

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JA: I understood 100 percent it wasn"t a lady track ... we understood it deserved it to distribute a 3rd (of aristocracies)-- which a great deal of authors wouldn"t do-- for the tune. He simply accomplished, and also I"ll always remember the sensation of when it was done. The petition that came by everybody, like "please allow this tune simply be listened to" so someday that individual might listen to that tune.

(Connie), you fulfilled the dad. Discuss that.CH: Well

, I didn"t capture his name in the meeting, so we didn"t understand that it was. I called NPR as well as did every one of this looking. Suppress Records searched for him. It was 2 weeks prior to the No. 1 celebration, and also lastly, I transformed my (Web) search words as well as he appeared with a photo of the vehicle and also his name. As well as we didn"t understand that Jared (his kid) had actually won the Medal of Honor. I didn"t catch that in the meeting. Anyhow, we cold-called him, completely (laughs). It was crazy.JA: It"s hard to also clarify since it seemed like, after so much browsing, it was something that was never ever mosting likely to occur. To locate him, it "s similar to this full-circle minute, as well as I truly wear"t have words.CH: Just how unique it was to speak to

him, and afterwards have him concern the No. 1 party.It needed to belong to his recovery trip to recognize that (his tale)touched a lot of people.JA: A great deal of individuals(talk with us concerning the track). ... I had individuals that believed it had to do with an other half or their grandpa. It doesn "t issue. Despair is pain. I" m so thankful that we touched the chord of army families.CH: Recognizing individuals left. Individuals really felt recognized.-- Assembled by Dave Paulson, The Regarding the collection In collaboration with Nashville Songwriters Organization International, we will certainly launch a video clip meeting with a songwriter regarding his/her job weekly.