Current Air Top Quality

Yosemite National forest supplies world-famous sights as well as sufficient chances for exterior leisure. Throughout summertime and also smoke, autumn as well as ozone can deteriorate the air high quality, minimizing exposure and also posturing a health and wellness issue, particularly for delicate individuals. Check out the sources listed below for present air high quality info as well as smoke influences in Yosemite.

See real-time air high quality information such as ground degree ozone (O3), particle issue (PM), as well as atmospheric information, at Yosemite Town and also Turtleback Dome. These charts make use of the Air High Quality Index (AQI), which is the conventional device of the Epa (EPA) to interact air top quality as well as supply wellness advisories.

Browse through AirNow for an existing air high quality record, wellness referrals, local air top quality map, as well as two-day projection for Yosemite National forest.

Check out the AirNow Fire and also Smoke Map to see regional fires as well as smoke influence on air high quality.

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Current Air Top Quality in Yosemite Valley

This chart demonstrates how smoke is influencing air high quality in Yosemite Valley.
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Current Air Top Quality in Tuolumne Meadows

This chart demonstrates how smoke is influencing air top quality in Tuolumne Meadows based upon information from an inexpensive sensing unit, which is not a regulative display however serves for academic objectives.
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Air Top Quality Web Cam

This air high quality cam has a sight to the west of Yosemite Valley from Turtleback Dome (which is near Passage Sight) as well as likewise shows present air top quality and also weather condition information.

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El Capitan Cam

Found on Turtleback Dome, near the Wawona Passage, this supplies a sight right into Yosemite Valley.

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High Sierra Cam

Sight looking eastern from near Guard Dome in the Glacier Factor location.

You can aid offer as well as sustain this cam for the future of Yosemite by ending up being a Close friend of Yosemite today.

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Ahwahnee Field Cam

A sight of Yosemite Valley from near Yosemite Town.

You can assist offer and also sustain this web cam for the future of Yosemite by coming to be a Pal of Yosemite today.

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Air High Quality as well as Smoke Keeping An Eye On

The Clean Air Act Modification of 1977 marks Yosemite National forest as a Course I location, establishing high requirements for air high quality as well as exposure around the park. While secured, the park's air top quality is much from best. Smoke as well as exhausts, both local as well as regional, commonly weaken air top quality. Particle issue as well as enhanced ground ozone degrees adversely influence site visitors' satisfaction of the park by lowering exposure as well as possibly influencing respiratory system wellness. A durable air top quality checking program throughout the park keeps track of presence, particle issue, ground degree ozone, as well as climatic deposition.


Smoke in as well as near Yosemite National forest is usually in charge of raised particle degrees. Smoke is commonly existing throughout fire period, as Yosemite as well as the bordering location is adjusted to shed in between July as well as November, or till the rainfalls show up. Throughout the colder, wetter period, it is not unusual for brief durations of great smoky problems, as park fire supervisors might carry out regulated burns or heap burning for woodland administration. Smoke discharged from camping area campfires can additionally break down neighborhood air high quality. In Yosemite Valley, the nighttime inversion can catch campfire smoke and also particulates, in some cases creating air high quality to be harmful for delicate teams.

Particulates in smoke can affect presence as well as adversely influence respiratory system wellness. Go to AirNow for a color-coded record of the present Air Top quality Index as well as any type of health and wellness suggestions. Examine the above web cams to keep track of existing smoke problems, remembering that wind and also climate can transform problems swiftly and also significantly.


Raised degrees of ground degree ozone air pollution are normally associated with cozy days, with the greatest focus tape-recorded in between May and also October. In 2020, Yosemite National forest taped 12 days of ground degree ozone over of government criteria. Days of harmful ozone degrees in the park normally accompany days of inadequate air high quality in The golden state's Central Valley, with toxins reached the park on mid-day western winds. Mid-elevation west-facing inclines in Yosemite such as El Website, Wawona, as well as Crane Apartment document greater ozone degrees, with the highest possible focus of ozone typically happening in the mid-day and also night. Yosemite Valley as well as Tuolumne Meadows are a lot more protected locations with usually reduced ozone degrees.

Raised ozone degrees can lower exposure, aggravate the human breathing system or trigger various other wellness problems, and also anxiety plants and also pets. Sight existing ground degree ozone degrees at Turtleback Dome, positioned simply over the site Passage Sight.

Air Top Quality Keeping An Eye On Program

Yosemite National Forest is a host website to lots of lasting air top quality surveillance tasks, consisting of Clean Air Condition And Also Trends Network (CASTNET), the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) as well as the Interagency Surveillance of Protected Visual Settings (BOOST). 2 beta-attenuated screens (BAMs) keep an eye on focus of particle issue 2.5 and also PM10 at Yosemite Town, and also instantly upgrade the AirNow map. The map likewise reports PM2.5 sensing units throughout the park that come from different regional companies as well as citizens. The National Park Solution releases mobile BAMs throughout the park to keep an eye on problems as well as supply advisories for locations of high visitation or residency when problems are great smoky. When EBAMs are released, added PM2.5 factors will immediately show up on the map.