The United State Coastline Guard has a variety of unique procedures pressures, or deployable specific pressures (DSF), arranged under its local commands (Atlantic as well as Pacific Locations).

Deployable Workflow Team

The Deployable Procedures Team was developed in 2007 in order to position their existing deployable customized pressures under one command. The pet was consequently dissolved in 2013, with the different DSF devices going back to their location commands. Coastline Guard deployable specific pressures devices consist of:

Maritime Security & Protection Groups (MSST)

Maritime Security & Safety Groups (MSST) are a maritime protection device that was produced following the September 11th 2001 terrorist assaults. The MSST"s duty is to safeguard sea ports as well as maritime centers from terrorist assault. They get on a quick feedback pose, all set to release to factors throughout the USA as required.

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extra information: Maritime Security & Protection Group

Maritime Safety And Security Feedback Group (MSRT)

The MSRT is an elite Shore Guard device that concentrates on maritime counter-terrorism procedures. The Straight Activity Area (DAS) aspect of the MSRT are highly-trained in Close Quarters Fight (CQC).


Maritime Safety and security Action Group imagined throughout a training workout.
a lot more details: Maritime Protection Reaction Group

Port Safety Devices (PSU)

PSUs are a deployable pressure security system that can running within united state territorial waters along with in international waters. Port Protection Units run fleets of armed Boston Whaler Transportable Port Safety And Security Watercrafts (TPSB) with which they patrol ports and also connected rivers.


USCG Port Protection Device patrolling waters off Guantanamo Bay in a TPSB.

Tactical Police Groups (TACLET)

The Deployable Procedures Team"s 2 Tactical Police Teams deploy Police Detachments (LETDET) that perform maritime interdiction and also counter narcotics contraband procedures. They likewise have a maritime safety and security, movement interdiction as well as counter-piracy function. TACLETs.

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National Strike Pressure (NSF)

The National Strike Pressure supplies specially-trained employees as well as specific devices in order to react and also prepare to ecological catastrophes such as oil spills or the launch of Defense Of Mass Devastation (WMD). The NSF is under the USCG"s Atlantic Location command.

Regional Dive Lockers

The Deployable Workflow Team has 2 Regional Dive Lockers, found in Portsmouth, VA as well as San Diego, CA. These devices supply scuba divers learnt Rivers as well as ports Coastal Safety and security (PWCS); Help to Navigating (ATON); as well as ship husbandry as well as repair service in remote polar areas.