The DASS is a 21- or 42-item procedure made to analyze the basic signs of tension/stress, anxiousness as well as clinical depression.

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Trick Summaries The DASS evaluates unfavorable psychological signs and symptoms by utilizing a 4-point Likert range, varying from 0 to 3. It has 3 subscales (anxiousness, anxiety, and also tension) with 14 things in each subscale for the DASS 42. These subscales are racked up by the enhancement of the complete product ratings, which can vary from 0 to 42. The DASS-21 is a streamlined variation of the complete examination with 7 products in each subscale. A greater rating on the DASS suggests better seriousness or regularity of these adverse psychological signs. Optimum rating: 63 for the 21-item DASS; 126 for the 42-item DASS.
Variety of Products

42 or 21

Time to Provide


Needed Educating No Training
Age Varies


18 - 64


Senior Grownup

65 +

Tool Reviewers

At first assessed by Daniel Chellette, SPT, Jarod Hillside, SPT, Emily Kemp, SPT, Claire McCormick, SPT, Anne McLean, SPT, Stacie Morris, SPT, Morgan Mowery, SPT, Matt Rossman, SPT, Elizabeth Schuppert, SPT, Justin Zych, SPT, as well as Rebecca Schuck, SPT.

Expert Organization Suggestion

(From the DASS Site)

If there is just one missing out on thing, one can balance over the continuing to be products for the range concerned. Way too many missing out on products (> 2 missing out on products per 14-item range) might endanger the credibility of the DASS as well as the topic ought to be omittedTo enlighten customers on anxiousness, tension and also clinical depression, think about aiming as well as providing vital signs out that everybody periodically experiences some level of each range, however they must request aid if they feel them highly or regularly. If taking an examination on a computer system, do not supply automatic interpretation/calculation to usersIt is not likely that the aspect framework will certainly range teams; consequently standards are unimportant for unique populaces. Rather, concentrate on whether the team concerned can reacting and also comprehending products in an honest wayBeware of overestimations and also camouflaging of signs- no lie range developed right into the DASS; take into consideration a various step if this is presumed in order to combat this kind of biasPatient should have the ability to talk, recognize, as well as check out the language of the examination. Likewise, have to have the ability to load and also create out the step
Factors to consider

People with reduced neck and back pain (LBP):

(Haggman et alia, 2004)

A preliminary analysis needs to include 2 inquiries to evaluate for clinical depression in LBP

1. "Throughout the previous month, have you typically been troubled by really feeling down, helpless or clinically depressed?"

2. "Throughout the previous month, have you been troubled by little passion or enjoyment in doing points?" Favorable feedbacks to these concerns must suggest that the medical professional requires to pay attention to the development as well as efficiency of the treatments offered. If progression appears stunted by depressive signs and symptoms providing the DASS - 21 is then made use of as an adhere to - up. If an individual ratings in the extreme to exceptionally serious classifications (21 - 42), the medical professional needs to think about an emotional reference. DASS - 21 can additionally be made use of if somebody with an unfavorable feedback to the 2 inquiry display is falling short to reply to a treatment or if various other professional indicators of anxiety are observed (sleeping disorders, tiredness, weight adjustment)

Individuals Identified with Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) at the Exhaustion Solution at the Royal Free Medical Facility in London, UK (> 18 y/o):

(Lovibond et alia, 1995), (Maher-Edwards et alia, 2010)

Metacognitions (or unfavorable ideas regarding one's very own ideas worrying uncontrollability, cognitive self-confidence, as well as ideas concerning the requirement to regulate ideas) can be made use of separately of adverse feelings to anticipate sign intensity. Consequently, it might be a much better use time as well as sources to carry out sets of questions that analyze metacognitions, instead of just depressive state or unfavorable affect. Therefore, the 30-Item Metacognitions Survey might be a much better forecaster of CFS intensity than application of the DASS

Undergraduate trainees from 2 Public Colleges Getting Partial Credit History for Taking Study:

(Osman et alia, 2012)

Outcomes might be skewed/influenced because trainees got additional credit scores for finishing the study

484 Teens with Anxiousness, tension and also anxiety:

(Szabo et alia, 2010)

Initially developed for grownups, the DASS has a variety of expressions as well as words that might not recognize to teens. The outcomes of the collection of Confirmatory Aspect Evaluations in this research suggest that while the constructs of Clinical depression and also Stress and anxiety are comparable in between grownups as well as 11,15 years of age teens, the legitimacy of the Tension/Stress construct, as determined by the grown-up DASS - 21, is suspicious in this age. It is feasible that this particular emotion is still arising throughout very early teenage years. The DASS - 21 demands to be made use of in young teen examples with care, and also it is maybe best viewed as an action of Stress and anxiety as well as Anxiety till additional proof for the construct legitimacy of the Tension/Stress range appears. As a result of its shown organization with concern as well as GAD in grownups (Brown et al., 1997; Szabo ́ & Lovibond, 2000), a capability to define the most affordable age at which the tension/stress disorder is experienced by youths would certainly make a vital payment in the direction of a far better understanding of the growth of fear as well as its conditions in young people (Tracey et alia, 1997)

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Referred for Psychiatric Therapy with Signs And Symptoms of Clinical depression:

(Ruwaard et alia, 2012; n = 1500 complete grown-up individuals with a general practitioner recommendation for psychiatric therapy were dealt with at a Dutch online psychological wellness facility for signs of clinical depression (n = 413), panic attack (n = 139), posttraumatic stress and anxiety (n = 478), or stress out (n = 470); imply age = 40 years)

SEM ** = 3.65

People Offering for Evaluation and also Therapy at the Anxiety as well as Anxiousness Conditions Facility, Facility for Tension as well as Anxiousness Conditions: (Brownish et alia, 1997; n=437 individuals offering for analysis as well as therapy at the Fear as well as Anxiousness Conditions Facility, Facility for Anxiety and also Stress and anxiety Conditions; typical age=36.1 years(10.55)as well as array= 18-65 years; 63.6%were ladies)A SEM was not developed yet a recommendation indicate review the benefits of fit was developed to assist to lower the mistake of dimension ** Determined from SD, making use of Cronbach"s alpha for ICC Clients Providing for Analysis as well as Therapy at the Anxiety

and also Stress And Anxiety Problems Center, Facility for Tension as well as Anxiousness Conditions: (Brownish et alia, 1997)Dependability of the DASS with duplicated tests of very same individuals ended the following: Anxiety mean=10.65(9.3), Anxiousness mean =10.9(8.12), Tension mean =21.1(11.15) In the 2nd research DASS-Stress was revealed to associate much more with PANAS-Negative Affect (r = 0.72 )than did DASS-Depression(r=0.57)& DASS-Anxiety(r= 0.63 ). Also it was likewise ended that Tension associated extra highly with actions of concern than did anxiousness or clinical depression. Anxiety, Stress And Anxiety and also Tension as Forecasters of Postconcussion- Like Signs:(Edmed et alia, 2012; n=


nonclinical undergraduate pupils from Queensland College of Innovation; indicate age=

24.27( 8.93); age variety =17-- 54 years)Anxiety subscale =8.62(8.96); Stress and anxiety subscale=7.76(6.63); Anxiety subscale=13.88(9.69) Clients Providing for Analysis as well as Therapy at the Fear as well as Stress And Anxiety Problems Center, Facility for Anxiety as well as Stress And Anxiety Conditions:(Brownish et alia, 1997)Superb examination retest integrity showed that all 3 ranges shown positive temporal security (r =0.71-0.81 ). Out of the 437 clients at first provided the DASS, 20 clients were arbitrarily picked ahead back and also were provided the DASS 2 weeks following their consumption analysis. Examination retest connections fell short to lower or discover any type of methodical rise in ratings with time, consequently combined t examinations were performed as an additional examination of temporal security: these t examinations were not substantial for all 3 DASS ranges. Clients Offering for Evaluation and also Therapy at the Fear as well as Stress And Anxiety Conditions Facility, Facility for Stress And Anxiety as well as Stress And Anxiety Conditions:(Brownish et alia, 1997)Superb interior uniformity for the whole example for Clinical depression, Stress and anxiety and also

Tension, along with within each analysis team(Cronbach's alpha=0.96, 0.89, 0.93) Undergraduate Trainees without any Background of Head Injury of Neurological Problems:

(Edmed et alia, 2012)

Clinical depression subscale: superb inner uniformity (Cronbach alpha =0.95)Anxiousness subscale: superb inner uniformity (Cronbach alpha = 0.85)

Stress and anxiety

subscale: exceptional inner uniformity( Cronbach alpha= 0.93). People Identified with

Fatigue Syndrome:(Lovibond et alia, 1995)Clinical depression subscale: superb interior uniformity(Cronbach alpha = 0.93)Anxiousness subscale: outstanding interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha = 0.84)Stress and anxiety subscale: superb interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha = 0.88)Undergraduatepupils:(Osman et alia, 2012; n=887 undergraduate trainees, 363 males; age array=18-- 35 years; imply age=19.46(2.71) )Superb interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha=0.82- 0.97)Poor as well as Sufficient clinical depression variable related to anxiousness aspect=0.66 as well as with stress and anxiety variable = 0.77 Ample stress and anxiety element related to stress and anxiety aspect=0.75 10 Grownups Referred for Psychiatric Therapy with Signs of Anxiety:

(Ruwaard et alia, 2012) Superb inner uniformity(Cronbach alpha = 0.97)Teenagers with Anxiousness, tension as well as anxiety:(Szabo et alia, 2010; n=484 secondary school trainees; suggest age = 13.62 years; age variety=11.83-- 15.67 years; 52 %were kids )Anxiety subscale: superb inner uniformity (Cronbach alpha = 0.87)Anxiousness subscale: appropriate interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha =0.79

)Stress and anxiety subscale: outstanding inner uniformity(Cronbach alpha=0.83)Anxiety

, Stress And Anxiety and also Stress And Anxiety:(Edmed et alia, 2012)The scientists anticipated that about the various other

DASS ranges, DASS-Clinical depression would certainly associate much more highly with various other actions of clinical depression

(scores of state of mind conditions).

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About the various other DASS ranges, DASS-Anxiousness would certainly associate a lot more highly with indices of fearfulness/autonomic stimulation(rankings of panic conditions ). About various other DASS ranges, DASS-Tension would certainly associate a lot more highly with procedures of concern(scores of GAD ). In addition, DASS-Tension was anticipated to associate extra highly with PANAS-Unfavorable Affect than did DASS

-Clinical depression and also DASS-Anxiousness. Requirements of GAD include a great deal of the signs of the stress and anxiety range of DASS as well as a result the signs and symptoms of GAD were reformulated to set apart the 2 conditions in DSM-IV.Excellent connection with the stress and anxiety subscale contrasted to the clinical depression subscale (r=0.60) (Osman et alia, 2012) Exceptional connection with MASQ -Anhedonic Clinical depression( r=0.65)Adequate relationship with MASQ -Nervous Stimulation(r=0.50)Superb connection with Regarded Stress and anxiety Range (r=0.73) Outstanding connection with MASQ -General Distress Clinical depression(r=0.68)Exceptional relationship with MASQ-General Distress Anxiousness(r=0.64 )Superb relationship with MASQ-Mixed Depression-Anxiety( r=0.73)Superb relationship with Beck Anxiety Supply -II (r= 0.80)Superb relationship with Beck Anxiousness Supply (r= 0.69)Clients Providing for Evaluation as well as Therapy at the Anxiety and also Stress And Anxiety Problems Facility, Facility for Stress And Anxiety and also Anxiousness Conditions:(Brownish et alia, 1997)There is an intercorrelation in betweenthe 3 DASS ranges in research study 1 and also research 2. The zero-order intercorrelations amongst the 3 DASS ranges were comparable in size to the totally standard phi coefficients gotten in the confirmatoryaspect evaluationof a three-factor modelAfter examining the ranges from both researches,the DASS-Depression associated highly with clinical depression intensity, yet just weakly with PD and also GAD intensity which showed outstanding discriminant legitimacy of the range as well as prospective energy for discrimination amongst disordersThere is ahigh level of overlap in between actions of anxiousness and also anxiety. This led scientists to discover the opportunity that the significant overlap, shown by these procedures, shows bad discriminantcredibility of these domain names. Stress and anxiety and also clinical depression are taken into consideration on the very same continuum Research with Initial Year Psychology Pupils at the College of New South Wales:( Lovibond et alia, 1995) Today study offers assistance for the psychometric homes of

the DASS ranges as well as their discriminant and also convergent legitimacy with various other tools created on professional populaces. The DASS ranges not just supply steps of stress and anxiety and also clinical depression that have actually been particularly made to make the most of interior uniformity as well as distinction, however both of these ranges are more set apart from the associated state of tension/stress DASS-Stress And Anxiety: Outstanding relationship versus DASS-Anxiety (r=0.72)Superb connection versus DASS-Tension( r=0.78)Adequate connection versus MCQ-30-1( r =0.48)Adequate relationship versus MCQ -30 - 2(r=0.57 )Adequate relationship versus MCQ-30- 3(r=0. 55)Adequate connection versus MCQ -30 -4(r=0.59)Poor relationship versus MCQ-30-5(r =0.27)Adequate connection versus CFQ-Psychological (r=0.46)Poor connection versus CFQ-Physical(r=0.28) Adequate connection versus RAND SF-36


(r=0.38)DASS-Anxiety: Superb relationship versus DASS -Tension(r=0.78)Adequate relationship versus DASS-MCQ -30-1(r=0.43)Adequate relationship versus MCQ-30-2(r=0.55)Adequate relationship versus MCQ -30-3 (r=0.59 )Adequate connection versus MCQ -30-4 (r=.54)Poor connection versus MCQ-30-5(r=0.29 )Adequate relationship versus CFQ-Psychological(r=0.51 )Adequate relationship versus CFQ- Physical(r=0.38)Adequate relationship versus RAND- SF-36 PF(r=0.46)DASS -Tension: Adequate relationship versus MCQ-30-1(r=0. 45 )Outstanding relationship versus MCQ

- 30-2(r=0.64)Adequate relationship versus MCQ - 30-3 (r = 0.53)Adequate connection versus MCQ - 30-4 (r = 0.57)Adequate connection versus MCQ - 30 - 5 (r = 0.37)Adequate relationship versus CFQ - Psychological (r = 0.49)Adequate relationship versus CFQ - Physical( r=0.31)Adequate connection versus RAND - SF - 36 PF(r = 0.42)Teenagers with Clinical Depression, anxiety as well as anxiousness: (Szabo et alia, 2010)These relationship worths concern the 3 aspect frameworkthat the writers regarded"the most effective fit"for this populace( which became the exact same element- filling framework of the grown-up DASS ). Connections amongst the elements stayed really high

, with connection coefficients of (making use of Pearson"s r): Outstanding connection in between DASS -Clinical depression and also DASS-Anxiousness(r=0.83 )Superb connection in between DASS-Depression and also DASS -Tension/Stress(r=0.89)Outstanding connection in between DASS-Tension/Stress as well as DASS-Anxiousness(r=0.94 )Gotten Mind Injury People with Raised Mental Distress:(Arundine et alia, 2012; n= 17 persistent gotten mind injury(ABI)clients with raised mental distress; imply age=42.94(11.23); 9 men; years of education and learning=12.71 (1.57); years post injury= 9.65(8.35)) Does not have inner uniformity forTBI clients People with persistent Discomfort, Psychology Facility Clients with Comparable General Degrees of Anxiety, Anxiousness and also a General Populace Example:(Taylor et alia, 2005 )Persistent Discomfort example: Clinical depression subscale: outstanding interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha=0.96)Anxiousness subscale: superb interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha=0.89)Stress and anxiety subscale: outstanding inner uniformity (Cronbach alpha=0.95)Psychology Facility example: Anxiety subscale: superb inner uniformity(Cronbach alpha=0.96 )Anxiousness subscale: exceptional interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha=0.90)Stress and anxiety subscale: superb inner uniformity (Cronbach alpha


0.94)General Populace example: Clinical depression subscale: superb interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha =0.95)Stress and anxiety subscale: outstanding interior uniformity(Cronbach alpha =0.88)Stress and anxiety subscale: exceptional interior uniformity (Cronbach alpha =0.94) Anxiety as well as Anxiousness with SCI:(Mitchell et alia, 2008)Exceptional relationship with the clinical depression subscale when contrasted to the BC-PSI (r=0.69)Outstanding connection with the stress and anxiety subscale when contrasted to the BC-PSI(r=0.67)Exceptional relationship with the anxiety subscale when contrasted to the BC-PSI(r=0.83 )Exceptional connections with the tension subscale contrasted to the stress and anxiety subscale (r=0.70)as well as the anxiety subscale(r= 0.66)Exceptional relationship with the DASS - 21 clinical depression subscale and also the BSI Clinical depression(r=0.70, P Superb relationship in between the DASS- 21 stress and anxiety

subscale as well as the BSI Stress And Anxiety(r=0.61, P Bibliography Allen, J. and also Annells, M.(2009)."A literary works evaluation of the application of the Geriatric Anxiety Range, Clinical Depression Stress And Anxiety Stress And Anxiety Ranges and also Trauma List to neighborhood nursing mates."J Clin Nurs 18(7): 949-959

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workout, suggestions, or both for subacute reduced neck and back pain: a randomized test. "Ann Trainee Med 146(11): 787-796. Discover it on PubMed Ruwaard, J., Lange, A., et al.(2012)." The efficiency of on the internet cognitive behavior therapy in regular professional technique."PLoS One 7 (7): e40089

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