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Sodom and also Gomorrah , infamously wicked cities in the scriptural publication of Genesis, damaged by "sulfur and also fire" due to their improbity (Genesis 19:24). Sodom as well as Gomorrah together with the cities of Admah, Zeboiim, and also Zoar (Bela) made up the 5 "cities of the level," and also they are referenced throughout both the Old as well as New Testimony and also the Qurʾān.

Scriptural accounts

In the Genesis account, God discloses to Abraham that Sodom as well as Gomorrah are to be damaged for their capital sins (18:20). Abraham advocate the lives of any kind of exemplary individuals living there, particularly the lives of his nephew, Great deal, and also his family members. Abraham appears to discuss with God in behalf of the exemplary in both cities. If 50 exemplary individuals can be discovered and also ultimately concurs to save them if 10 exemplary individuals can be discovered (18:23-- 32), God initially concurs to save the cities. 2 angels, looking like guys, are sent out to Whole lot in Sodom yet are consulted with a worthless crowd that request for the beginners. Whole lot supplies the crowd his little girls rather, yet this just more infuriates the crowd, that are then struck blind by the angelic visitors (19:1-- 11). Discovering just Great deal and also his household as exemplary amongst the occupants, the angels alert Whole lot to swiftly leave the city and also not recall. As they leave the damage, Great deal's spouse recalls upon the city and also is developed into a column of salt (19:12-- 29).

The account in the Qurʾān (11:74-- 83 and also 29:28-- 35) is comparable, though the cities are not stated by name. Abraham advocate "Whole lot's individuals" yet is informed that the chastisement can not be prevented. Whole lot is regreted when the carriers inform him of the destiny of his individuals as well as, as in the scriptural story, supplies his little girls fruitless to the crowd. Exemplary Whole lot is informed to get away in the evening with his fans as well as is cautioned that his spouse will certainly experience the very same destiny as the remainder. The cities are damaged by rocks drizzling down.