Simply a couple of years earlier, a shed manuscript for the Andy Griffith program was discovered. It was discovered at The Stylish Lunch in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, Andy Griffith's home town. Initiatives to get more information regarding this manuscript have actually verified useless. Phone call to individuals related to the program were never ever returned. As a result, we at have no selection yet to run the manuscript and also allow our visitors join us in questioning what could have been.The Fatality

of Helen Crump


Constable Andy Taylor and also Floyd the barber are being in the court house when Gomer Pyle noisally ruptureds with the doorway.Gomer: Shock! Shock! Shock! Miss Crump's dead!Andy: What's that Gomer

? You're full blast of breath.Gomer: Miss Crump's dead. She obtained run over by a

college bus.Opie and also his good friend Arnold then come facing the courthouse.Opie:! ! Miss Crump's dead! She's truly dead, Pa. Arnold as well as I saw it happen.Andy: Currently, Opie, you're full blast of

breath also, much like Gomer. Arnold, can you simply inform me what happened?Arnold: Sure, Constable.

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You recognize that brand-new youngster, Chester Area, that simply relocated right here from Winston-Salem? Andy: Yeah, I have actually seen him around.Floyd: Great child, Andy, and also from an excellent family.Andy: I recognize that, Floyd. Take place, Arnold.Arnold: Anyhow, Chester was captured passing a note in course to Johnny Paul.Floyd: One more good young boy, Andy.Andy: Uh-huh. Arnold: So Miss Crump angers as well as creates a note for Chester to take house to his moms and dads. Yet then the bell rings and also everybody leaves the class.

So Miss Crump chases him with the note.

She lacks the structure and also right before the institution bus that's simply bring up. Well, the bus runs her over. It resembled in a publication I check out once.Floyd: What publication was that, son?Andy: Don't bother that currently, Floyd! Well, given that I'm the Constable, I much better decrease to the college and also write a report.Gomer: Andy, can I ride over with you in the team car?Andy: Sure, Gomer, yet you do not require to blow the alarm. There's

no rush in arriving currently. Hey Opie … can you call Miss Peggy and also offer her the bright side, I imply inform her what happened?Opie: Sure, Pa.ACT 2 The following day Andy strolls right into Reverend Tucker

's workplace. The Reverend has numerous botched up sheets of paper scattered throughout the floor.Reverend Tucker: Andy, I simply do not comprehend it.… I have actually been teaching funeral services for over 25 years and also I have actually constantly had the ability to develop something wonderful to state

concerning the deceased

. However with Helen Crump, I can not generate anything good.Andy: Do not fret about it, Reverend. You'll think about something, I make certain.

Anyhow, I intended to welcome you over for dinner tonight. Peg's making leg of lamb, my favored dish.ACT 3 Later on that night, the watching is occurring. Andy is with Auntie Bee.Aunt : Well, I think I'll miss out on Helen. I do not understand why however I presume I will.Andy: Oh we'll

be alright, Auntie. These points happen.Aunt : Well, I have actually done my component to raise everybody's spirits. I have actually made 2 lots containers of my pickles to provide to the mourners.An appearance of discomfort gets on

Andy's face. He gets

his Replacement, Barney Fife, by the arm as well as drags him over to an edge in the watching

room.Andy: She defeats whatever, you recognize that? The last 2 days have actually been so great as well as currently she needs to spoil every little thing with those pickles.

… Hey, Barn, I have actually obtained a suggestion. … Andy informs Barney his idea.Barney: No other way, Andy. I just go incognito in the line of duty.Andy: Consider individuals you

'll be assisting, Barney. It remains in the line of duty.A couple of mins later on, Barney, putting on a flowery hat and also a lengthy gown, approaches the casket, stops briefly and after that establishes a container of pickles inside the casket. He leaves however returns 10 even more times over the following fifty percent hour.Aunt : That is that sickly old woman that maintains returning to the coffin?Andy: Oh …

, that's Helen's old educator from senior high school. You understand, she was a huge impact on Helen.Aunt : She definitely looks stern.Andy: Oh she's simply all destroyed over Helen, Auntie Bee.Aunt : And Also where is that Replacement of your own? He was intended to aid me with the pickles.Andy: Oh do not you stress, Auntie. Barney's obtained that made sure of.ACT 4 The pallbearers are lugging Helen's casket to the burial ground yet they're weary as well as irritable.Otis: Barney! This casket is heavy!Barney: Pipeline down Otis! Pipeline down!Goober: He's right, Barney.

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It seems like we're transporting Auntie , not Miss Crump!Barney: Nip it! We placed containers of Auntie

's pickles in the casket. Currently unless you want to consume several of those kerosene cucumbers, you will certainly nip it!ACT 5 The following day Andy, Barney and also Floyd are

resting outside the courthouse.Barney: That was a respectable solution the other day however I do not assume Reverend Tucker claimed one point concerning Helen.Andy: No, he simply informed a couple of tales concerning his days at seminary. However altogether, every person had an excellent time.Barney: Hey Andy, had not been that Auntie 's broach on Helen's blouse?Andy:

Well, yes

. A few days ago Auntie and also I needed to go over to Helen's to select some clothing for the watching.

So we were experiencing her cabinet cabinets and afterwards we discovered Auntie 's broach. Auntie

had actually presumed that Helen had actually swiped it from her on that particular Ladies Auxilary journey to Charlotte. However

Auntie chose Helen can simply have it.Barney: That behaved of her.Floyd: I saw Peg with you throughout the solution, Andy.Andy: Yeah, she had a respectable time.Floyd: Well, it constantly makes a

good impact when you

bring such an appealing day to your partner's funeral.Andy: Yeah, boy.Right before the court house, a brief male with a mussy hat strolls by. It's Ernest T. Bass. He's sobbing frantically.