Casey Anthony searches for at a picture of her with her little girl, Caylee, in the bed room of her West Hand Coastline, Fla., house, Feb. 13, 2017.

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WEST HAND COASTLINE, Fla.-- Casey Anthony informed cops a lady put a beverage on her at a midtown West Hand Coastline bar throughout a disagreement concerning a male.

Anthony, that was acquitted of murder in the 2008 fatality of her 2-year-old child, called West Hand Coastline authorities Sunday night after entering a debate with an additional female "regarding an ex-boyfriend they were dating at the very same time," a cops record stated.

According to the record, the debate came to be warmed as well as the lady "splashed water on left leg."

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The reporting policeman composed that Anthony desired the occurrence recorded, yet when she was recommended regarding just how to submit a limiting order, the 35-year-old stated she didn"t desire to do so. Nevertheless, Anthony encouraged that "it has actually been a recurring concern for many years."

Anthony"s 2-year-old little girl, Caylee, was discovered dead in Orlando in 2008.

Red Huber/AP
Casey Anthony holds hands with her defense lawyer, Jose Baez, left, as well as Dorothy Clay Sims, as they pay attention to the judgment at the Orange Court, Tuesday, July 5, 2011, in Orlando, Fla. The court acquitted Anthony of murder in the fatality of her little girl, Caylee.

A court discovered Anthony guilty of 4 offense fees yet acquitted her of first-degree murder, intensified kid misuse and also worsened wrongful death throughout a top-level test in 2011.

After offering a couple of weeks behind bars, Anthony left Orlando as well as relocated to West Hand Coastline.

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